Picture him rollin (William update)

William rolled into the school year at Delta Middle on wheels! While he’s getting around great on crutches, they’re exhausting, and while he also drives a mean walker, it’s frustratingly slow. So, thanks to friends who shared a youth wheelchair, a school nurse who’s not only highly qualified but also had some relevant mom experience, … Continue reading Picture him rollin (William update)

Things some kids have said to Alexa today

Alexa, tell us a joke Alexa, do you hate us? Alexa, announce "Alexa, announce" Alexa, you're not my bestie Alexa, does the government listen in to our conversations? Alexa, tell Jeff Bezos he sucks Alexa, what's Jeff Bezos's favorite song? (the answer was Don't Stop Believing) Alexa, how do you hide a body? Alexa, are … Continue reading Things some kids have said to Alexa today


Things my house and I have in common: mismatchedcolorfulcozywelcomingneeds some worksome projects are perpetually unfinishedleaks here and therefilled with memoriesshared with my best peopleblends old and newlots of bluefull of found items: ground scores, curb scores, thrifts, and giftsouter doors don't always close or open rightdifficult to heatfilled with books and crafts and draftsstuffed with … Continue reading Homeplace

Walking home from school

This one last year, I get to walk up the hill at three o’clock to wait at the school doors for dismissal. Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong! “Allllllll right students, please listen carefully! At this time all kindergarten is dismissed!” Then “all busers! Busers please!” “Curbside pickup!” “Vans!” And the kids stream out, almost … Continue reading Walking home from school