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About Anne

Just after having eaten a delicious breakfast in Charleston. Don’t I look satisfied?

Anne Elrod Whitney, Ph.D. is a writer and educator working at the intersections of literacy, learning, emotions, and faith. By day, she’s Professor of Education at Penn State University, working with current and future teachers; on her own time, she has also worked with adults and children in families, churches, camps, and retreats.

Threaded through all of her work is a conviction that writing and other literacies are strong tools for reflection, learning, self-understanding, and healing. She is the author of four books on writing.

Anne lives in central Pennsylvania with her two children, two parakeets, and piles and piles of books. When not writing, she can be found learning the piano as an adult beginner, singing in local choirs or in the shower, or reading next to a body of water (whether it’s the neighborhood pool or the ocean).

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