Inkwell is a book for anybody who wants to dig in to writing as as way of deepening spiritual life. Written in an open-ended way that welcomes people of any faith or no faith, this book offers entry points into writing that are low-stress, encouraging, and provocative.
What really matters in teaching high school writing?Growing Writers is a book featuring real teachers doing the real work of teaching young writers in ways that are principled, responsive, and authentic.
How can we make instruction in writer’s workshop “stickier?” If we’re not careful, we can end up teaching writers a bunch of procedures without helping them internalize why these procedures work and how they fit together. Two elementary teachers and I show you how to help young writers reflect on what they are doing for more meaningful learning.
If you’re a teacher, administrator or coach who wants to support teachers, you need this book. Coaching Teacher-Writers shows you how to lead teachers in professional writing– writing that helps them learn and reflect.