Things some kids have said to Alexa today

I’m participating in the Slice of Life Challenge
hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Alexa, tell us a joke

Alexa, do you hate us?

Alexa, announce “Alexa, announce”

Alexa, you’re not my bestie

Alexa, does the government listen in to our conversations?

Alexa, tell Jeff Bezos he sucks

Alexa, what’s Jeff Bezos’s favorite song?

(the answer was Don’t Stop Believing)

Alexa, how do you hide a body?

Alexa, are you evil?

Alexa, tell us how to make a taser

Alexa, what’s your favorite song?

Alexa, put Tenny Village on repeat

Alexa, don’t play the song

Alexa, what’s your favorite color?

Alexa, I hate you

Alexa, can you kill a robot?

Alexa, wow

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