Abuser in jail. Boom.

They got him. This is Mike Spiller, the gymnastics coach who sexually abused me when I was 10. It took 39 years, but tonight there’s ONE LESS ABUSER out there getting away with it.

Thanks so much to the people who shared, retweeted, looked up old photos, etc. It took your help to turn up enough of my fellow victims/warriors to get here.

If you had interaction with Mike Spiller that in any way connects to his 40-year career as a gymnastics coach, camp leader, and pedophile, please get in touch with me and/or call the Crimestoppers number in the photo.

It’s never too late to tell the truth. We may not change the facts, we we sure can change the story!!

2 thoughts on “Abuser in jail. Boom.

  1. Thank you for sharing and being so brave. My daughter attended this gym in Boerne and my heart dropped today watching the news. THANK YOU for sharing your amazing strength. It will change the future of many girls lives.

    1. Thank you very much. I have some idea what kind of emotional intensity, rumors, and confusion might be flying around the community of that gym. I’m available to talk to any gymnasts, parents, etc. who might find it helpful– not only as a victim of Mike but as an educator who is good at engaging kids in difficult conversations. Feel free to reach out.

      Also, for any other survivors or their families: I am connected to other survivors from the decades 1970s-present as well as journalists and legal representation involved. I can share their info with you for you to use however you want (and would not share your name or info with them without your permission).

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