The much-awaited appointment yielded zero news!

Still “we don’t know.”

The additional pathology results say semi-encouraging things like “no immunological evidence of lymphoma” but also aggravating things like “etiology cannot be concluded based on this analysis.” Dr Fox will be taking his case to their tumor conference on Tuesday and hopes to know more after those experts discuss it. He also mentioned sending samples out to other experts.

Also, there are still some rare slow-growing bacteria and fungi that need up to 30 days to culture, so “probably an infection, but it’s too weird to be sure” is still William’s “diagnosis.” Maybe the discussion Tuesday will lead somewhere, or maybe one of the remaining cultures will clarify, or maybe an X-ray in a month will tell us more, or maybe an X-ray and MRI in a few months will tell us more, or maybe genetic testing in January will tell us more. Or maybe it will just be “fine for now” and was probably an infection, but in that case there’s no way to know it’s gone!

In the meantime, his stitches are gone, and in a month, he should be walking or close to it. And he’s thinner than ever before, so thin you can see his whole skeleton, and he still has no sense of smell and retains his baby teeth and has a very funky shaped rib cage—- and killer comic timing! And an awesome new school! And no other lesions that we know of currently, but how would we know?

Pray for my impatient soul to somehow not explode! And for it really to be an infection that happens to be knocked out by cephalexin and never returns.

And pray with gratitude for all the help and patience and love around this whole family!

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  1. So maddening. I’ve been thinking of you and your family and hoping you’d get the answers needed to help move forward. I’m grateful that you’ve got such a strong team of medical professionals on the case! Hang in there and if you need anything- say the word!

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