New in 22

I’m participating in the Slice of Life Challenge
hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Pickleball lessons

Aqua Zumba

Face with straight teeth

Taxes filing singly

Microwave, coffeemaker, lawnmower, leaf blower, snow shovel, switch to open the gas tank on my car

Cell phone contract


Travel plans

Pants size

Writing goals

Life goals

4 thoughts on “New in 22

  1. I so get this! I had a very similar list as you may remember. I’ll never forget you helping me move into my space, my very own home that provided the sanctuary I needed. I’m just gonna say thank you again, and let me know if you need assistance with any of these new things!

  2. I also love your lists. You have a great ability to tell a story and weave in humor, even in a list!

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