From my table

I’m participating in the Slice of Life Challenge
hosted by Two Writing Teachers

From my table in the corner of the trampoline park…

I see boys somersaulting over barriers

I hear a little girl repeating “Mommy, watch me! Watch me!”

I see a cool dad inventing jump challenges for a lucky son

I hear a squeaky voice yelling, “Keep going! I’m jumping to space!”

I see moms zoning out on their phones at benches to the side

I hear screams that curdle my blood but then always crumble into laughter

I see sweaty hair and sock feet

Boing! (My own photo; please don’t use or reproduce)

I hear breathless voices shouting “Stop! I was going to jump there!”

I see toddlers toddling

I hear would-be ninjas crashing into padded obstacles and thudding to the floor

I see my son, running freely after a long week indoors, red-faced, breathing hard, finally maskless, joyful, laughing

I hear his laugh like I haven’t heard all winter, kids like they haven’t been for way too long.

(Does it count as a “slice of life” post if it’s a slice of two days ago and not today? I never was that great at following rules.)

5 thoughts on “From my table

  1. What a fun slice! I am sitting outside writing this, and I hear our little neighbor girl playing. There is such joy in those sounds. And all slices count! Some slices come from years ago, so don’t worry about “the rules” as there really are none. Happy writing!

  2. Yep, it counts if it was two days ago, Anne! 🙂

    You captured the essence of a trampoline park so perfectly! My daughter had her sixth birthday at one of those and your slice transported me right back to that party.

  3. This line really stood out to me, “I hear his laugh like I haven’t heard all winter, kids like they haven’t been for way too long.” My youngest child doesn’t remember life before masks. Here’s to more days filled with belly laughter.

  4. YES! Of course, it counts. You could slice about something decades ago and it would still count. 🙂 I love this description of all you see from your table.

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