Wrap your learning community in cushy foam?

My son has a very, very cheap laptop, and I've been surprised how little he uses it. He likes gaming, coding, writing, making videos and podcasts, and all kinds of graphic arts, and this device was a gift for him to expand his skills, to play around in the more powerful and flexible environment of … Continue reading Wrap your learning community in cushy foam?

Scary story

Invited to a classroom to write with some first and third graders:"You won't scare the kids!" Nice thought, but truly, I wouldwere masking not still a thing.No amount of stickersor "Write On!" t-shirtor smiling enthusiasmor typewriter socksor book-print leggingsor punctuation skirtor gimmick or trick or jokecould make it less scary that Ihad both jaws broken … Continue reading Scary story


Things my house and I have in common: mismatchedcolorfulcozywelcomingneeds some worksome projects are perpetually unfinishedleaks here and therefilled with memoriesshared with my best peopleblends old and newlots of bluefull of found items: ground scores, curb scores, thrifts, and giftsouter doors don't always close or open rightdifficult to heatfilled with books and crafts and draftsstuffed with … Continue reading Homeplace