This week I am…

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This week I am…

Driving kids places, again and again endlessly

Resisting dessert some days, eating three brownies another

Rearranging furniture in my basement, making a sewing space, reorganizing the supplies, so much aspirationally-purchased fabric it fills a dresser, yet I have sewn exactly once in this house since I moved in

Selling off furniture I bought used in a hurry, divorced and starting over, to other people who are also now starting over

Reading a book about murder, and another one about feelings, and I find that these are not so far apart as I had imagined

Oh yes, I had one of these. Photo by bert b on Unsplash

Telling my kids about the 80s (my heyday!) and delighting in their love of The Cure and Galaga , and even green text on black screens

Marveling that just as I grew up in endless cold war they, too, are learning Russia is an enemy

Listening better than I used to, and hearing how much we have all changed

Writing for my blog every day, and hearing in my own voice how much I have changed

5 thoughts on “This week I am…

  1. Dear Dr. Whitney:

    I find it so unusual, that I just read another “I am” post with which I was most enamored, and here I am marveling at the beauty of your own, that much more enchanted at how powerful this medium is!

    I also remember the 80s as a “heyday,” and I love your reference to the evergreen elements on the black screen. It took me back to those days of monochromatic monitors (that I do not miss in particular, lol).

    I relate to so many sentiments here. Driving kids endlessly, delving and denying (with desserts, that is). You eloquently captured the roller coaster that is our lives with the reflection and sometimes, reduction, that are inherent in our journey as we move from one chapter to the next.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Though you’ve undoubtedly encountered difficult times, it is your strength that resonates greatest of all.

    I see you.


    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown

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